The Best Wallet For The Man You Love

Most men carry wallets. It is an integral part of their daily accessories which they need to carry on person either in their pant pocket or in their jackets, most of the times. My husband carries one too and right now the one he’s carrying needs to be replaced.  Mostly he and others like him use it to carry money, drivers licence, credit cards, identification cards, business cards, important bills and so on. Choosing a good wallet to be able to carry all of these can be quite a challenging task especially when you want to choose nothing but the best for the man you love.

When I decided to look up about the different kinds of wallets that are available in the market before choosing one that would be the best option., I really came across a huge variety. I found bifold wallets, tri fold wallets, long wallets, coin purses, and the accordion kind were among the many that I saw. There were wallets made out of different materials ranging from synthetic fibre to the pure leather kinds. The leather range was really phenomenal and ranged from crocodile leather to snakeskin to alligator and even camel skin. Natural material purses were made from cotton, silk, fleece and jute too. The colours and shades also were mind -boggling.

After seeing such a huge variety, the ones that I really liked belonged to the Louis Vuitton brand and they were really a class apart from the rest. Each wallet from the entire range was specifically designed for a purpose and was elegant to look at too.  After a lot of choice and deliberation this is the Louis Vuitton wallet I got for my husband. Even though I knew his preferences, when it came to picking things that he personally used, the expression that I saw on his face when he saw the wallet was simply priceless.