Entertaining Ideas What To Do In A Traffic Jam

Traffic jams can be a real pain when you have very little time on hand or have a deadline to meet. When you are stuck in a single spot for almost an hour, it really gets to you and you are irritated and tired by the time you reach home. Now, with the increase in number of vehicles on the roads, traffic jams have become a regular feature of our everyday lives.

Entertain Yourself

There are a number of ways to keep yourself occupied and entertained in such situations. Though one would spend most of the time cursing and ranting about the traffic, there are much better things to do. Some of them are:

  1. Read

Reading can be a great option when you are stuck in a traffic jam. However, one may not find the place to sit and read or some may have issues reading in a moving vehicle. In such cases, audio books can be a great option. This is a great website for harry potter audiobooks. I downloaded these books and the traffic jams have become extremely entertaining rather than bothering me.

  1. Music

If you are driving through the thick traffic, you really need to keep calm and stay relaxed. Music is the best option to keep you relaxed. Download all your favorite songs and put them in a folder, to be used only in such situations. When you hear familiar music, you tend to sing along. Singing along can be a great stress buster and one will never realize the time passing by.

  1. Phone Calls

All of us have a number of calls to make. If  you are sitting on the passenger side or at the back of a cab or a bus, in a bad traffic jam, you can use this time to make those calls. Make that call to an old relative you have been putting off, for months. Call those friends you have lost touch andn get back to old memories. This will no only help you spend time, but will also strengthen relations and save a lot of your time.