Fun Word Style Games For The Family

A lot of people think that word games are only meant for kids, but the fact is word cookies is for all ages. So, if your family is fond of playing games together then here are some interesting word games that are great fun to play.

  • First game is the letter game which can be played by two or more members and it can be played anywhere at any time. You do not even require paper and pencil to play this game. The game is started by picking a category such as food or animals. The first person says a word say for instance mango. So, the next person has to say another word which falls in the same category but it should start with the last letter of the first word, say for example orange.
  • Another game which is very exciting for all age group people is scrabble scramble. For playing this game you need the board and the letters that are available specifically for scrabble. You have to choose 8 letters randomly without looking at it. With these letters you need to frame words as many as possible. The first person places letters on the board to create a word. The next person needs to frame a word keeping one of the letters from the first word in it. It is kind of a crossword game.
  • Spelling Bee is a very popular and easy game which does not require any material to get started. Any number of people can play at any time of the day. One person calls out words and rest of the players need to spell it. So, whoever misses a correct spelling of a word will be out of the game. You can keep some easy words as well as some tricky words which can be a bit confusing for the players to spell.