What Women Want

Every woman goes week in the knees when she hears a beautiful quote. There is just something so breathtakingly beautiful when your man can utter words that can melt your heart.

My husband is not one with the words. A typical guy, who comes home from work, sits on the couch in front of the TV with the phone in his hand and deaf ears to all my screams and shouts. When I get to him and nudge him, he is so shocked to see me up close and asks what am doing there instead of doing something around the house.

After a long day at work,women want some rest too. However the husbands don’t get it. Though times have changed and the men do take part in house hold chores, the proportion is still not OK. We women folk still get to do the major load of work at home and this cannot be given as an excuse for not meeting the deadlines at work.

The pressure from both ends, sometimes gets to you and you lose it. The husband is oblivious to this and does not understand you are just venting it out and not everything is directed at him (of course most of it are, who else are you going to blame?). And then the big fight happens and the no talking days go by and if you are to have a special day in those no talking days, your anxiety mounts up.

One such time is when my 30th birthday happened. I was so anxious to know if my husband would remember it, and if he did, would he do something about it. That is when this man of my dreams surprised me. My husband said the most inspiring love quote which just made me forget the fight, the bitter talks and rush into his arms.

Women want to love, be loved and understood. Yes they are complicated but their wants are simple and straight.