How to prepare for a long hot climate hike?

Once done with hike when resting in the camping site I found flip flops to be a blessing in disguise. Getting out of the trekking shoes and into a nice comfortable pair of slip-on is exactly what I needed while hiking in a hot climate. I have been on many such hikes and I found the best quality flip flops here.

Some of the best hikes take place in the summer. Clear blue skies and long daylight hours are exactly what you need to have a comfortable hike. It means more time spent on the trail there on more grounds covered.

How to prepare for a long hot climate hike

  • Early start

Starting early is a very good idea. It gets really hot close to noon. You might want to take off and have an early lunch at that time.

  • Cover up yourselves well

High altitudes mean stronger sun and more chances of getting sunburnt. Apart from UV blocks and sunglasses, get a shirt with a hood. Loosely fit shirts with long sleeves and track pants are perfect. You need all the flexibility you can get.

  • Water

There is no such thing as enough water. Keep sipping often even if you are not thirsty. Thirst means signs of dehydration. Do not wait till your body craves it.

  • Salty snacks

While hydration is needed, you also need salts. Sweating means losing both moistures as well as healthy salts. Potassium along with sodium is needed to keep you energetic. Take electrolyte powders to consume as and when possible. This can also be taken in sips regularly.

  • Rest

Take regular breaks. Straining your body will do you no good when you are far away from civilization. Cool your body temperature.