How to prepare for a long hot climate hike?

Once done with hike when resting in the camping site I found flip flops to be a blessing in disguise. Getting out of the trekking shoes and into a nice comfortable pair of slip-on is exactly what I needed while hiking in a hot climate. I have been on many such hikes and I found the best quality flip flops here.

Some of the best hikes take place in the summer. Clear blue skies and long daylight hours are exactly what you need to have a comfortable hike. It means more time spent on the trail there on more grounds covered.

How to prepare for a long hot climate hike

  • Early start

Starting early is a very good idea. It gets really hot close to noon. You might want to take off and have an early lunch at that time.

  • Cover up yourselves well

High altitudes mean stronger sun and more chances of getting sunburnt. Apart from UV blocks and sunglasses, get a shirt with a hood. Loosely fit shirts with long sleeves and track pants are perfect. You need all the flexibility you can get.

  • Water

There is no such thing as enough water. Keep sipping often even if you are not thirsty. Thirst means signs of dehydration. Do not wait till your body craves it.

  • Salty snacks

While hydration is needed, you also need salts. Sweating means losing both moistures as well as healthy salts. Potassium along with sodium is needed to keep you energetic. Take electrolyte powders to consume as and when possible. This can also be taken in sips regularly.

  • Rest

Take regular breaks. Straining your body will do you no good when you are far away from civilization. Cool your body temperature.


Entertaining Ideas What To Do In A Traffic Jam

Traffic jams can be a real pain when you have very little time on hand or have a deadline to meet. When you are stuck in a single spot for almost an hour, it really gets to you and you are irritated and tired by the time you reach home. Now, with the increase in number of vehicles on the roads, traffic jams have become a regular feature of our everyday lives.

Entertain Yourself

There are a number of ways to keep yourself occupied and entertained in such situations. Though one would spend most of the time cursing and ranting about the traffic, there are much better things to do. Some of them are:

  1. Read

Reading can be a great option when you are stuck in a traffic jam. However, one may not find the place to sit and read or some may have issues reading in a moving vehicle. In such cases, audio books can be a great option. This is a great website for harry potter audiobooks. I downloaded these books and the traffic jams have become extremely entertaining rather than bothering me.

  1. Music

If you are driving through the thick traffic, you really need to keep calm and stay relaxed. Music is the best option to keep you relaxed. Download all your favorite songs and put them in a folder, to be used only in such situations. When you hear familiar music, you tend to sing along. Singing along can be a great stress buster and one will never realize the time passing by.

  1. Phone Calls

All of us have a number of calls to make. If  you are sitting on the passenger side or at the back of a cab or a bus, in a bad traffic jam, you can use this time to make those calls. Make that call to an old relative you have been putting off, for months. Call those friends you have lost touch andn get back to old memories. This will no only help you spend time, but will also strengthen relations and save a lot of your time.

What Women Want

Every woman goes week in the knees when she hears a beautiful quote. There is just something so breathtakingly beautiful when your man can utter words that can melt your heart.

My husband is not one with the words. A typical guy, who comes home from work, sits on the couch in front of the TV with the phone in his hand and deaf ears to all my screams and shouts. When I get to him and nudge him, he is so shocked to see me up close and asks what am doing there instead of doing something around the house.

After a long day at work,women want some rest too. However the husbands don’t get it. Though times have changed and the men do take part in house hold chores, the proportion is still not OK. We women folk still get to do the major load of work at home and this cannot be given as an excuse for not meeting the deadlines at work.

The pressure from both ends, sometimes gets to you and you lose it. The husband is oblivious to this and does not understand you are just venting it out and not everything is directed at him (of course most of it are, who else are you going to blame?). And then the big fight happens and the no talking days go by and if you are to have a special day in those no talking days, your anxiety mounts up.

One such time is when my 30th birthday happened. I was so anxious to know if my husband would remember it, and if he did, would he do something about it. That is when this man of my dreams surprised me. My husband said the most inspiring love quote which just made me forget the fight, the bitter talks and rush into his arms.

Women want to love, be loved and understood. Yes they are complicated but their wants are simple and straight.