ATTENTION TRUE BELIEVERS, our very own fearless funny book leader, John Hitchcock, will be making a guest appearance on a live broadcast of "The State of Things" on WUNC 91.5 FM THIS Tuesday, May 19th!!! The show will broadcast from the UpStage Cabaret at Triad Stage, 232 South Elm, Greensboro, near the International Civil Rights Museum. Admission to the live show is free but reservations are required as seating is limited. You can respond to this email with the number of guests attending or you can give us a call at 800-962-0862.

Doors open at 11:30 a.m. and we ask that you be in your seat by 11:45 a.m. in time for the start of the show at noon. The live broadcast takes place at the Triad Stage - 232 South Elm Street. Parking is available in the Greensboro City-owned Greene Street Parking Deck at 211 South Greene Street, adjacent to the rear of the Triad Stage's building, The Pyrle Theater. Enter the deck from either West Washington Street or South Greene Street. You can find complete directions here: The Triad Stage has beverages available for sale during the show, and we invite you to bring your lunch and join us!

Here's a preview of what they'll be talking about on the show.
The Golden Age of Professional Wrestling: Greensboro native John Hitchcock attended nearly every professional wrestling show in the Greensboro Coliseum for 15 years. He was a part of a group of troublemakers who sat in the front of the coliseum cheering loudly for the bad guys and getting a rise out of the crowd and the wrestlers. Hitchcock captured his reflections from what he calls the “golden age of professional wrestling” in a new book, Front Row Section D: Glory Days for Mid-Atlantic Wrestling. We'll talk with Hitchcock, owner of the comic book store Parts Unknown in Greensboro, about his lifelong passion for professional wrestling, spanning from staying up late to watch matches as a 10-year old, to being a part of the show himself in the late 1990s.

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Click here to read the APA "Talking Comics" article, "The Jones God"
written by John Hitchcock, a funny book fan and friend.


Rusty Neese, the original Karate Kid


Really I do not know what to say.
But, I will try.
Rusty "Rus" Neese passed last Friday night/ Saturday morning from a heart attack.
Rus was 51 years old.
Rusty worked here at Parts Unknown about five to six hours a week for 23 years.
He loved the Tarheels, Vikings and the Celtics.
And he loved Professional Wrestling.
When I became his roommate back in the eighties he sat me down and was very serious and asked me these questions.
What is your favorite NBA team?
My answer, the Lakers.
Rus shook his head and said,
" No."
"Now the deal breaker, who is your favorite ACC team?
And I said, "That is an easy one, there is only one team in the ACC worth cheering for, The North Carolina Tarheels!"
Russ smiled and said, "OK, we can get a long then."
I am sure he would have thrown me out of his apartment at Stones Throw if I had said State of Duke.
Any one who knew him loved him.
And that is the best thing I can say about any one.
When I will think about Rus I will smile but it will take a while.
Thank you Rus for all your support and effort here at Parts Unknown.
You will be terribly missed.

Al Williamson drawing - Click here to read the whole story - PDF format  

On June 12, 2010 the world lost another legendary hero from
the comic art world when Al Williamson passed away.

An icon and an inspiration, click here to read the APA "Talking Comics" article
written by John Hitchcock, one of Williamson's biggest fans and good friends.

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Now in stores is The Man Who Became Santa Claus And Other Winter Tales, a treasury of Christmas-themed stories, from award-winning enterprise reporter and News & Record metro columnist Lorraine Ahearn.

And guess who did the illustrations? Our very own John Hitchcock! That's right, John contributed almost twenty drawings for inclusion in the book, pen-and-ink line drawings that reflect the stories contained inside.

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First he conquered the literary world, now he's a bona fide TV star! John Hitchcock is all over the Alex Toth documentary featured on the new 2-disc "Space Ghost And Dino Boy" DVD set from Warner Bros. Along with industry professionals and family members, John recalls fond memories and hilarious stories about one of the true legends of comic book artistry. It's the perfect Christmas gift for that die-hard comic book fan in your life. Stop by the store to pick up a copy of this long-awaited DVD set!

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I got an e-mail today that Dave Stevens passed away last night (March 10th). Dave had been battling cancer for more than eight years. Even knowing this was coming it still was a shock to every one who loved him. Love is an often-misused word but Dave was a man that every one really loved. And I am not talking about his work. If you met Dave Stevens you really did meet a very kind and honest person.
And he loved comics and art as much as anyone I ever met.
When you got lucky and got to meet an Eisner or a Kurtzman and you put the talent to one side, you realize that they are really wonderful and very generous folks.
Dave was that and a lot more to me.
Dave was twice a guest at my Parts Unknown conventions and we became good friends for many years. At the end of the shows all the guests would get together and have dinner. I will always remember Dave listening to a story by George Evans and laughing so hard that he almost fell out of his chair.
That is the Dave Stevens that everyone fell in love with. I hope everyone reading this got to meet Dave.
He was one of the good guys.

1963 - 2007
Big Mike.

Mike Wieringo was a quite a guy.

Very talented in doing something that is very hard to do. Mike could draw The Fantastic Four on a monthly schedule and make even the old timers like me want to read it.

Doing a monthly comic takes a lot of drive and talent, but Mike loved what he was doing. That Fantastic Four story where the FF meet God/Jack Kirby was really a wonderful tribute to the founding fathers. And you could tell he was very proud of it.

I knew Mike; we talked some about things that interested him. Once we talked at an ice cream shop across from the Duke University campus about professional wrestling. He was usually a quiet guy, but the tricks of the trade of pro rasslin' made him bubble up with a hundred questions.

And we talked at length about Alex Toth once at one of my small comic book conventions. Mike was a very smart guy to talk to. Very unassuming in person and he always made an effort to be a guest at our shows. He was a terrific guest, doing free sketches and signing all day.

And he was a hell of a comic book artist. He was driven to do a great job on his books and was at times frustrated when Marvel would move him to a new book.

But that is water under the bridge now.

Ringo will always be a part of comic fandom around the Carolinas and everyone who ever met him will miss him for a long time.

Mike Wieringo was one of the good guys.

       - John Hitchcock, owner, Parts Unknown