What Women Want

Every woman goes week in the knees when she hears a beautiful quote. There is just something so breathtakingly beautiful when your man can utter words that can melt your heart.

My husband is not one with the words. A typical guy, who comes home from work, sits on the couch in front of the TV with the phone in his hand and deaf ears to all my screams and shouts. When I get to him and nudge him, he is so shocked to see me up close and asks what am doing there instead of doing something around the house.

After a long day at work,women want some rest too. However the husbands don’t get it. Though times have changed and the men do take part in house hold chores, the proportion is still not OK. We women folk still get to do the major load of work at home and this cannot be given as an excuse for not meeting the deadlines at work.

The pressure from both ends, sometimes gets to you and you lose it. The husband is oblivious to this and does not understand you are just venting it out and not everything is directed at him (of course most of it are, who else are you going to blame?). And then the big fight happens and the no talking days go by and if you are to have a special day in those no talking days, your anxiety mounts up.

One such time is when my 30th birthday happened. I was so anxious to know if my husband would remember it, and if he did, would he do something about it. That is when this man of my dreams surprised me. My husband said the most inspiring love quote which just made me forget the fight, the bitter talks and rush into his arms.

Women want to love, be loved and understood. Yes they are complicated but their wants are simple and straight.


Do MUT coins sell for money?

the mut coins for sale

Do MUT coins sell for money?

MUT coins do sell for money. It is the biggest and most popular mode that Madden has come up with yet. Earning and selling these coins has become as simple as ever. The key to completing this task is knowing the difference between the price of a coin and its value. The right platform used to sell the MUT coins for sale also matters. A lot of research is necessary before getting into the task.

The ultimate team, also known as MUT, is an online game mode which aims at leveling up the team with various tiered trading cards as much as your heart would desire. One can use MUT coins to buy the cards and packs.

The best way to sell MUT coins is to finding the right platform for it. The different platforms include Android, IOS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Select the number of coins to be sold and click on next. The next step is to decide the payment method. While some methods such as PAYPAL and BITCOIN would be free, a wire transfer will have a fee to be paid in order to be implemented. PayPal is one of the quickest and easiest options in order to get paid for the MUT coins. Enter the PayPal address and the rest is very simple. The same applies to Bitcoin. This open source cryptocurrency is a public design in which anyone can participate. Enter the wallet address and the money will be credited to the designated account within 24 hours. With a wire transfer, the name of the account as well as the basic account details such as the account number and routing number for the transfer details.

Selling MUT coins for money is a very popular activity and there are many companies that do it. Ensure to check the legitimacy of the company before selling the coins.


Do’s In Bowling and Bowling Alley

Bowling is a recreational sport and provides a lot of fun. Though there are chances for everybody to try bowling at malls and certain bowling alleys, there are also people who take it up seriously as a proper sport.

People who like to try their hands at bowling at malls, generally do not care about the proper rules. This is because the bowling alley owners there like to have more customers. But, on considering bowling as serious sports, the trainers do not encourage their students to do whatever they want. There are certain rules that have to be followed by everyone. Take a look at the Honest guide to bowling balls.  When you are serious about taking bowling as an important sport, then it is better for you to understand the Do’s at the bowling alley.

Do look whether someone else is also trying to proceed the game. If so, let them bowl first. It may distract when more than one players play. The bowling rights are similar to that of the car. If you find somebody bowling on your right, then it is the right way to let the person in your right to proceed.

Wait for the machine to set its pin and the sweet bar is raised. Don’t be in a hurry and spin your ball in the alley. It may cause unnecessary delay and distractions to others.

Do concentrate on bowling. Focus on balancing your foot correctly.

At times you may require trying your chance with another ball. Do get permission to try another person’s ball.

Do wear proper shoes for the approach.

Clean away the foods and drinks near the approach.

Respect your boundary. Try to stay within your approach while delivering the ball. The ball may miss and cross your boundary if you do not watch your boundary.


The Best Wallet For The Man You Love

Most men carry wallets. It is an integral part of their daily accessories which they need to carry on person either in their pant pocket or in their jackets, most of the times. My husband carries one too and right now the one he’s carrying needs to be replaced.  Mostly he and others like him use it to carry money, drivers licence, credit cards, identification cards, business cards, important bills and so on. Choosing a good wallet to be able to carry all of these can be quite a challenging task especially when you want to choose nothing but the best for the man you love.

When I decided to look up about the different kinds of wallets that are available in the market before choosing one that would be the best option., I really came across a huge variety. I found bifold wallets, tri fold wallets, long wallets, coin purses, and the accordion kind were among the many that I saw. There were wallets made out of different materials ranging from synthetic fibre to the pure leather kinds. The leather range was really phenomenal and ranged from crocodile leather to snakeskin to alligator and even camel skin. Natural material purses were made from cotton, silk, fleece and jute too. The colours and shades also were mind -boggling.

After seeing such a huge variety, the ones that I really liked belonged to the Louis Vuitton brand and they were really a class apart from the rest. Each wallet from the entire range was specifically designed for a purpose and was elegant to look at too.  After a lot of choice and deliberation this is the Louis Vuitton wallet I got for my husband. Even though I knew his preferences, when it came to picking things that he personally used, the expression that I saw on his face when he saw the wallet was simply priceless.

How To Choose The Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Snipers are amazing shooters as they can aim at their target with absolute precision and accuracy from almost anywhere and from any distance. Not everyone can be a good sniper. It takes a tremendous amount of practice as well as you need a very good airsoft sniper rifle too. Using the best rifles means that they are the ones which are equipped with metal triggers and barrels. this makes them lighter and easy to control. Most sniper rifles are exact replicas or the actual rifles which are used during wars and combats.  

Features of the best airsoft sniper rifle  

Take a look at some of the important features that you need to consider before picking the best one that suits your requirements.  

Barrel length 

The barrel length in one of the important features that need to be considered. The longer the barrel the better the accuracy. Shorter barrels are easy to transport and are easier to handle and maneuver in close and confined spaces.  

Barrel Material 

A metal barrel is a preferred material for any good rifle, A metal barrel allows more accuracy and is much more durable too. It ensures that the spring action is strong and provides an excellent impact on the target.  


While choosing ammunition for your rifle, you must check the weight first. If it is too light or too heavy, the distance it travels won’t be too much. A plastic BB which is the preferred option is the best as it is neither too heavy or too light.  


The most common accessories that may be needed with an airsoft sniper rifle are a scope or a bipod or most often both. these accessories are useful for precision shooting and can take your shooting skills to a whole new level.  

Once you have seen all the models available in the market you can select the best and say that this is one of the best airsoft sniper rifles I have ever come across.

Your Companion For The Smoothest Online Gaming

If your favorite indoor hobby is gaming and you are always searching for more exciting online games, your success can be decided by your router. It is the device which actually provides you the internet connection, may be through wires or wireless network, on which you game online. It has a role which is so significant that your online gaming completely hits a dead-end once your router stops working. So we are offering you our latest flagship product for the non-stop, full throttle gaming experience. Our product leaves its other parallel routers for gaming far behind in terms of its features and value for the price.

Desirability features

  • Suitable for broadband connection as well as wireless connection (Wi-Fi, WAN, LAN and WPS)
  • Compatibility with majority of hardware devices in the current market
  • Ultra high speed (7200Mbps) Dual Band Router for HD streaming
  • Completely interference free with additional noise filter
  • 2 USB Ports (USB 2.0 and USB 3.0) for file sharing
  • Light-weight and aesthetically appealing
  • Supports 11ad, 802.11ac and 802.11n networking standards
  • Firewall protection for enhanced security

The router is fitted with six antennas which are adjustable in all directions and our proprietary transmission enhancing technology supports internet transmission distance up to 500 square meters. It can be set up very easily and connection established with a single button. Our dual band router allows Multiple-In Multiple-Out (MIMO) radio configuration, thus supporting multiple devices like Bluetooth, iPhones, Smartphones, computers etc to be connected at the same time without any interference or slowing down.

Gaming experience

Our router comes with a powerful 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, four gigabyte Ethernet ports and ultra fast HD support, and suitable for games with multiple players. We also offer free back-up software with the product and guest browsing option. With the smooth, ultra-fast and powerful gaming experience, our competitively priced router will definitely make you love your game even more.